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Casa Entrenidos

Natural Park Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente cobre

In the most remote and inaccessible border of the province of Palencia spectacular, and almost unknown mountain range rises. Its peaks and ridges molded into the hard and tight limestone mountains exceed 2,500 meters and form a singular relief based needle fantastic, impressive cliffs, lofty cliffs and deep valleys.

Museum Herminio Revilla

A few kilometers from our accommodations can enjoy art on the woodwork captured by our friend Herminio, taking advantage of the last elms and other native trees, it has managed to stay alive by to enjoy the memories they represent. Trades and technologies of this and the previous century are some of the sketches and details you will not forget.
Bisons reserve

Los Bisontes de La Montaña Palentina

Very close to our hotel after a pleasant walk and we can see the subject of European bison that allows visitors to receive information about this magnificent animal remains robust appearance no longer in danger of extinction.
Through information panels, audiovisual content and different discover their history and their means of living. Also in the center information sessions, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and other activities that revolve around this magnificent animal is periodically carried out.
in the center receive the guidelines to follow for the visit, the average deserves as much respect that all access be made accompanied by guides. Also visitors can manage bicycle rental, snowshoeing, ATV, horse wagon.
In the same environment and walking an hour we can enjoy a magnificent oak and contemplate the Picos de Europa and the mountains of Palencia in its fullness in any season, without being surprised by the numerous roe deer, deer and with a little luck to grizzly. 

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